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Wills, Trusts, Probate & Estate Management Solicitors

It seems that the more wealth you accumulate, the bigger the headache of managing it. And if you happen to live in south-east England, just living in your home means that you may be liable to pay inheritance tax because property prices seem to be increasing at a rapid rate.

It is not only important to manage your affairs in your lifetime but do it in such a way that your dependents don’t have the stress of trying to do it long after you have gone. There are tools available to help you through this process and once they are done, you can rest easy and get on with enjoying life rather than worrying about the future.

Making a will helps you think about your estate and how it should be dealt with on your death. By doing this, it also helps you “clear out your house” for your loved ones. A lasting Power of Attorney allows you to choose who should deal with your affairs if you can’t do it yourself, and it takes away the pressure of family members trying to guess what you would have done in a particular situation. Creating a trust allows you to preserve your estate for future generations or take care of your young children during their minority. And after you’ve gone, your loved ones can take care of your estate in the way you had intended.

Just think – once the above is done, it’s done! No more worries about who will take care of your affairs or who should benefit from your estate. And, statistically, if you make a will, you are likely to live longer! So, it’s your choice…

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