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Margaret Heffernan

Property Litigation Solicitors

Property law can be confusing. ‘Restrictive covenants’! ‘Proprietary estoppel’! ‘Incorporeal hereditaments’! Even for property professionals, the terminology – and the abstract principles behind it – can be frustrating. All too often, property disputes occur because people – neighbours, landlords and tenants, business associates – are not clear on their legal rights and obligations. Property law can be a minefield for the unwary.

It shouldn’t be that way. It is essential that you understand your rights clearly whether you own commercial or residential property or occupy it, for if you are not clear on your rights, then how can you properly protect them? A property can be the biggest financial investment that you ever make. It can also be, simply, ‘home’. When you fall into dispute of a property, it is essential that your lawyer does not focus on the abstract legal principles and forget what matters to you – the client.

We act for landlords and tenants of commercial property, landlords and tenants of residential property, home owners and property developers. Property law, complex as it is, is inevitably a maze, but it does not have to be a mystery. With committed, forceful and thorough legal representation, you can protect your interests and achieve your objectives.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Boundary disputes.
  • Possession claims.
  • Service charge disputes
  • Disrepair claims
  • Business lease renewals


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