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Probate and Inheritance Tax Solicitors

What is Probate?

Probate – simply put – is the legal process of distributing an individual’s estate after their death. However, when tackling the administration of an estate, this process can turn out to be far from simple. You have to deal with tax affairs, valuing assets, possibly selling off assets to name just a few.

At The Law House, when it comes to Probate and Estate Administration, our lawyers believe in taking a proactive approach. If you die without having made a will, this means that there is no one specific individual appointed to deal with your affairs. The person who is appointed to administer your estate could be someone you would not have chosen to deal with your affairs. The appointed person has to apply for a ‘Grant of Representation’ which, in simple terms, gives them authority to deal with your estate. We encourage our clients to plan for the future by making a will and choosing an individual to administer their estate on their behalf.

If you are appointed as a Personal Representative, either an executor or an administrator, our lawyers are able to assist you in the process of dealing with the estate, including identifying and communicating with debtors and creditors. If the estate is worth more than £10,000 in total, we can help you through the process of applying for a Grant of Representation, which is issued by a court to either the executor or to the administrators. You will need a Grant of Representation if you need to transfer a house or land, transfer or sell of stocks and shares or in obtaining pay-outs from pensions and life policies.

We are also here to assist in circumstances where executors are, for whatever reason, unable to take an active role in the administration of an estate, ensuring that the process is as stress-free and efficient as possible.

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