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Family Law Solicitors

When relationships break down, or divorce is inevitable, we know this is a stressful, emotional and often confusing time. You are faced with many decisions about your future, such as what will happen to your children, financial issues and sometimes your business.

At The Law House, our family law solicitors encourage communication rather than confrontation and we always consider the needs of the whole family, particularly the children. We will explore alternatives to litigation – mediation for example – and we will not shirk from giving realistic and forthright advice, however hard it may seem. Whatever the issue, we will deal with your situation in a sensitive and professional manner – always remembering that we may be changing the course of your life by the way in which we deal with you.

As well as dealing with relationship breakdown, we also deal with steps you can take to protect yourself in the future. This includes the preparation of pre-nuptial agreements or cohabitation agreements.

Why Choose us?

At The Law House, we are extremely proud of our lawyers. Not only do we expect them to have the expertise and knowledge in order to guide you, but we also expect them to be innovative and creative – this will help them achieve the outcome you want, even if it may be slightly unusual. But above all else, we expect our lawyers to provide you with the highest level of service and this is our main focal point when we add numbers to our team.

When it matters

The Law House works flexibly to fit in with our clients’ busy schedules. Wherever you are based in London, we will take the time to meet you at your home, workplace or other location that fits in with you working day.

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