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Litigation is the pursuit of practical ends, not a game of chess.


Felix Frankfurter

ADR, Dispute Resolution and Mediation Solicitors

Few people enjoy being in conflict with others, but disputes are a fact of life. There comes a time in the lives of many people when they need to use the legal system to protect their businesses, their homes or their livelihoods.

When this happens, you need a lawyer in your corner that will fight for your interests as fiercely as if those interests were his or her own. You need a lawyer who will not be intimidated by their opponents – or, indeed, by the Court. You will need a lawyer who can give you best advice on costs from the very beginning. You also need a lawyer who will seek to resolve the dispute (to your benefit) as swiftly and as cost-effectively as possible.

The Law House recognizes that each client is different and each dispute is different. Our advice and our representation will be based on protecting a client’s own specific interests. The advice will be practical and pragmatic; the representation will be bold and forceful.

The Law House believes that a client is entitled to expect a fully comprehensive service. No reasonable option will be left unexplored to resolve the dispute, whether by litigation, mediation, arbitration, adjudication or else by simply executing the most effective tactics to achieve the best possible results.

Just as few people enjoy being in conflict with others, so few people would prefer to spend their hard-earned money on legal fees than on other areas of their personal lives or in investing in their businesses. Each lawyer at The Law House is also a business person. We understand the pressures that business people are under. We understand the drain on personal and commercial resources that litigation can represent.

We appreciate, therefore, that when precious funds are used to resolve a dispute, the client is entitled to expect from their lawyer resourcefulness, tenacity, innovation – and total commitment.

It is those qualities that The Law House offers. We understand when a client instructs a lawyer to resolve a dispute; they are making an investment in the future. The Law House aims to give an excellent return to any client who invests in their future by instructing us.

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