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Silvana Bedford

Given the weather, where would you holiday in the UK and why?

Perth in Scotland, beautiful place and even better with warmth & sunshine.

One thing I never travel without and why?

Hair dryer, no other works as well as mine.

What is the best piece of technology you have ever owned and why?

My camera, wouldn’t live with out it, captures special and interesting moments.

What is your best reason for cancelling an appointment? Did it work and did you feel guilty?

Prior engagement, it worked and I didn’t feel guilty.

How environmentally friendly am I?

On a scale of 1-10, probably 7ish

I joined The Law House team as a PA in November 2012. My role is to support the directors and solicitors in terms of administration and organisation generally. I was excited to join The Law House, the concept of a Virtual Law Firm was intriguing, interesting and unlike any other law firm. Having worked here for some time now I am really enjoying being involved in its development and growth! The solicitors are still a little strange but manageable! I have a large selection of chocolate for those stressful periods.

My previous experience included working in senior positions for various blue chip retail organisations; most recently I managed a contemporary art gallery, I hosted artist events including an appearance with a world famous photography, John Swannell, who captured amazing images of the Royal family and celebrities