Jennifer Norman - The Law House Family Law Solicitors, London & Peterborough

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Given the weather, where would you holiday in the UK and why?

I would head for Cornwall in summer or winter, as the rugged coastline has mystical qualities that appeal to my sense of imagination. Then Wells next the Sea which has the best fish and chips.

One thing I never travel without and why?

My hound Barney usually goes where I do. He has even been known to attend the office on occasion.

What is the best piece of technology you have ever owned and why?

I think I could happily live without technology if I had to!

What is your best reason for cancelling an appointment? Did it work and did you feel guilty?

I've never cancelled an appointment without having a genuine reason. I'm a terrible liar so I'd be found out.

How environmentally friendly am I?

I try to look after the environment. My pet hate is excess packaging. I've never understood why my supermarket purchases have to be covered in an impenetrable layer of plastic.

I am a Solicitor specialising in trusts, probate and estate administration. I deal with Inheritance Tax, Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney. I also advise on care fees mitigation, Court of Protection matters including Deputyship and Attorneyship.

I qualified as a Solicitor in 2005 and my specialism is in private client work. For most of my career I have been based locally in Lincolnshire, but I also have a client following in Norfolk, and other locations nationally. I pride myself on delivering technically sound advice, with a human touch. One of the nicest things a client has said to me was that I was “professional, with just the right amount of sensitivity”.