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Etsim Moc

Given the weather, where would you holiday in the UK and why?

Center Parcs, in Lake District. Quaint, and peaceful; overlooking into the woodlands.

One thing I never travel without and why?

My portable mobile charger is crucial; one charge of battery life just doesn’t cut it anymore! Sadly, before I discovered such item; my battery died and I got locked out from my flat and couldn’t reach my flatmates for hours.

What is the best piece of technology you have ever owned and why?

My wireless earphones, as I hopelessly try to untangle the cord. It is music on-the-go when I’m travelling or going for a jog.

What is your best reason for cancelling an appointment? Did it work and did you feel guilty?

Over the years, I have had trouble with the occasional double booking which to me is a legit excuse, so it kind of let’s me off the hook of feeling too guilty about it.

How environmentally friendly am I?

I am mindful of disposing my general food waste and plastics in separate containers. I do recycle some of my clothes to the H&M Foundation which is a project trying to develop a solution to reuse & recycle old clothes.