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Given the weather, where would you holiday in the UK and why?

Edinburgh, I haven’t got my love of the place as a student out of my system yet.

One thing I never travel without and why?

Travel plugs and of course a cork screw. I think they are both self explanatory.

What is the best piece of technology you have ever owned and why?

Waze navigation app– beats Google maps any day. Perfect for people like me who like to explore but have no sense of direction.

What is your best reason for cancelling an appointment? Did it work and did you feel guilty?

What appointment, have I missed one?

How environmentally friendly am I?

I wouldn’t call myself a fanatic about environmental issues– but I guess that’s only a matter of time.

Alberta Tevie works in our family law team and also deals with probate litigation. Alberta originally qualified as a barrister and later converted to become a solicitor.

Alberta specialises in all areas of family law including divorce and separation, finance, alternative family arrangements, pre-marital agreements, “living together” agreements, cohabitation disputes, children and international relocation. Alberta has a good working knowledge of Sharia law. She also specialises in the growing area of probate litigation. As Alberta would say, not all Will writers and estate planners are the same. Over the years she has dealt with cases where disputes have arisen from a Will that has been badly drafted by another solicitor or a Will writer; or where somebody has died without leaving a Will (intestate) and a dispute has arisen within the family on distribution of the deceased person’s assets and properties.

Alberta is an accredited member of the Law Society Children Panel as well as a member of Resolution First for Family Law. She is also a trained mediator.

What can we tell you about Alberta? Alberta is highly experienced and there is not much about family law or probate litigation that she doesn’t know. She exudes charm and gravitas. While Alberta will always aim to work collaboratively, she will also make sure her client’s interests are protected. How does Alberta see herself as a lawyer? She says that providing a fast and efficient service to my clients is a given. It is also a given that she will always work to protect her client’s interests while ensuring her client and everybody involved in the case keeps a clear eye on the bigger picture. She sees it as an integral part of her role to ensure that she adds value to every case that she deals with. Her clients will always benefit from her broad and detailed legal expertise and will have at their disposal her many years of practical experience. This means she can provide a near holistic experience for her clients, whether it’s dealing with agreements, divorce, finance and property children matters, Wills, estate planning or probate. .