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Costs and Fixed Fees Options

At The Law House, we appreciate that the prospect of mounting or hidden costs can be a major concern for our clients.

When it comes to costs, our watchwords are simplicity and transparency. So we keep it simple by offering a range of costs options including fixed costs on all our services, which we make you aware of from the very beginning, so you can have peace of mind, and we can get on with what we do best.

You remain in control

Our approach towards fees comes from our understanding that resolving issues connected to your family and estate matters can often be a complex and daunting process. With this in mind, we understand that the last thing you need is the additional worry of spiralling costs, enabling you to plan your budget with the assurance of no unpleasant surprises, so that you remain in control.

High Quality of Client Service

Having adopted costs options in all areas we have not in any way compromised the quality of client service we provide. In fact we believe it enables us to provide an even better service. We will ensure that you maintain direct contact with your appointed solicitor at times and locations convenient to you and at a cost you are aware of. It is important for us to put your needs first – building trust and offering dedicated support throughout. Our central aim is to help our clients work towards cost-effective and practical solutions to sensitive and challenging issues.

We are proud of our record and confident in applying our experience and wealth of knowledge to your family and estate issues – regardless of how straightforward or complex they may be.

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