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Our Beliefs

The central aim behind our practice is to create an experience where you feel at ease to discuss your family law and Wills and probate issues in the confidence that we can help you come to the right decisions for you and your family. Our open and professional approach is shaped by our continual dedication to providing relevant and informed advice, tailored to the varied and often complex arrangements you may face in relation to your family life and the connected management of assets.

To us, you are not just another client and we understand that discussing your personal and family affairs in a legal context is often not an easy conversation to have. Separation and divorce can lead to unpleasant implications on childcare arrangements and the division and protection of assets. Likewise, discussing estate planning in the event of your death or setting up lasting powers of attorney should you lose the capacity to deal with your personal affairs can be uncomfortable areas for many individuals to discuss fully and frankly.

Our belief that clear and accessible family law and Wills and probate advice should be available to all is reflected in the ways in which we interact with our clients. The challenge of finding time to deal with your family and property affairs when you are working full time or running your own business while dealing with family commitments is a familiar scenario for us. We make every effort to work around our clients’ busy schedules and working patterns, giving clients the option of where and when we visit them.

Our focus on flexibility and availability is consistent with our structure as a virtual solicitors’ firm, with our team members exercising the option to work from home, leaving us free to plan our working days around the needs of the client.

We place great value on the relationships we build with our clients, understanding the sensitive nature of our clients’ issues. We seek as much as possible to minimise conflict in what can often be contentious and stressful circumstances, providing guidance and negotiating through your issues with calmness, empathy and professionalism.