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Welcome to The Law House, Solicitors in Peterborough

Executive Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Estate Planning, Peterborough

Don’t we all say “I should really make a Will”? Don’t we all think that “one day”, we will get everything in order? We all live as if we are immortal and so we put off doing the things that make us think of our mortality. We know that if we avoid thinking about them, that they will take care of themselves! If only… However, you know that if you make your will or your lasting powers of attorney, then you can enjoy the rest of your life living as if you are immortal. Our team of Wills, trusts and probate lawyers are here to help you live your life with ease…

“Preparing your own obituary ahead of time – when death is the last thing on your mind, may be one of the kindest, least selfish things anyone could do for their loved ones.”

Why Choose The Law House?

Planning what happens in the event of your death or your incapacity is a huge reality check. Whilst we understand the gravity of making a will or dealing with an estate on death, we try to make it less painful by injecting a sense of humour. Our lawyers are just like you – straightforward, approachable and human. We speak in plain English and provide a very personalised and tailor made service. We are happy to come and see you at your home, office or other location at your convenience.

Knowledge is Power

We take pride in our team’s knowledge base. Whether you want to make a will or Lasting Power of Attorney, we can help and guide you. We can also deal with your loved one’s estate on their death at a time when you are trying to come to the terms with that huge change in your life. For long term planning, we can advise you on trusts and taxes. It does not have to be complicated or complex – in fact, we work hard to make sure it is straightforward. Once you have made that difficult decision to make a Will or do some estate planning, we try to make it as simple and as quick a process as possible, so that you can get on with enjoying your life.