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Welcome to The Law House, Solicitors in Louth and Lincolnshire

Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Estate Planning, Louth and Lincolnshire

How many times have you said “I really should make a Will” but have then been distracted by something else? We all think that “one day” we will get everything in order. We are all guilty of living our lives as if we are immortal. If we have to think about make a will or a Lasting Power of Attorney, it reminds us that we won’t be here forever or possibly worse, that we may lose our marbles. Pushing it away will not make it any easier.

However, what if you think about it in a different way? Imagine that you have made your Will and your Lasting Power of Attorneys. Just think about the peace of mind you will have. You can then really live your life as if you are immortal. Our team of lawyers can help you with making a Will or Lasting Powers of Attorney, or they can help you with probate and trusts.

Wise words are often found in little known sayings – “when death is the last thing on your mind, (making a Will) may be one of the kindest, least selfish things anyone could do for their loved one.”

Why Choose The Law House?

Making a Will or a Power of Attorney is often a reality check for most people. This is even more so when you have lost a loved one and have to deal with their estate on death. At The Law House, we try to make the process less painful by injecting a sense of humour, albeit gallows humour. WE like to think our lawyers are just like – straightforward, approachable and human. We speak in plain English and provide a personalised and tailor made service. We are happy to come and see you at your home or other convenient location.

Knowledge is Power

When you go to see a solicitor, you are entitled to assume that they know what they are talking about. At The Law House, we take knowledge very seriously. Our team of lawyers are well versed with Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, probate and trusts. For example, when making a Will, we discuss tax planning with you. We anticipate any issues that may come about later and try and deal with them now, or at least plan for them. For long term planning, we give you advice about trusts and tax.

It does not have to be complicated. It is our job to take away the stress and deal with the legal jargon.