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Welcome to The Law House, Solicitors in London

Have you ever said “I should really make a Will” or wondered what is a Lasting Power of Attorney? There are certain things in life that we don’t like thinking about and we hope that by avoiding them, we can somehow assume that they will take care of themselves. It’s human nature – we are all like that, including lawyers! However, you know that if you dealt with these life’s essentials, then you can enjoy the rest of it without having that nagging feeling follow you wherever you go. Our team of wills, trusts and probate lawyers are here to help you live your life with ease…

“As a well spent day bring happy life, so a life well used brings a happy death.”
Leonardo de Vinci

Why Choose The Law House?

Death, and planning for it, is about as morbid as it can get. Whilst we understand the gravity of making a Will or dealing with an estate on death, we also believe that everything should be injected with a sense of humour. You will find our lawyers to be engaging, friendly and approachable. We speak in plain English and draft in plain English. We take away the formalities associated with dealing with a lawyer and instead, strive to make it an enjoyable experience, despite the subject. Whether you are based in Chiswick, the City of London, Islington or Wimbledon, we are able to see you at your home, place of work or any location that fits in with you daily schedule.

What Do We Know?

We take pride in our team’s knowledge base. We can help you make a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney; we can deal with an estate on death and we can give you advice about trusts and tax planning. It does not have to be complicated or complex – in fact, we work hard to make sure it is simple and straightforward. Our team of Wills and probate lawyers are very experienced and knowledgeable but more than that, they provide a tailor made service and are happy to come and see you. These life changing moments, such as making a Will, are best done in a comfortable and familiar environment.