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Welcome to The Law House, Divorce Lawyers in Islington

Our team of family lawyers is second to none. As you would expect, they advise on a broad range of family law issues such as relationship breakdown, pre-nups, the legal pros and cons of living together, civil partnerships, family finances and children. It should go without saying that the lawyers are highly experienced but beyond that, they love what they do, and it shows! When you speak to one of our lawyers, you can expect them to know their law but maybe they will also surprise you with the unexpected - you will find them to be approachable, friendly, and passionate about what they do, and committed to achieving the best outcome for you. Our lawyers will also give you an exceptional level of service and attention, whether you have agreed terms with your ex partner or are getting ready to “do battle” (which we highly discourage by the way). When you instruct us, you have a right to assume we know what we are talking about. We do, and we do family law exceptionally well. We believe in providing a highly personalised and tailored service and believe that the happiest client is the best client.

“Any friend can organise a stag/hen night but only a true friend can throw a divorce party.”
Now that we have your attention….

Why choose The Law House?

Why not choose The Law House? There are so many good reasons to work with us that once you know how we work, you won’t go anywhere else. It goes without saying, although we will say it just to assure you, that each of our lawyers knows their beans. But beyond that, it is in our lawyers’ DNA to provide exceptional service which is personalised to you. We always speak in plain English. We believe in being open and frank with you from the beginning so we don’t shy away from giving firm advice or talking about costs. To help clients, we offer a range of costs options, including fixed fees.And on top of all that, we are local. We are based in north London and cover a wide range of locations including Islington, Camden and Paddington.Meeting a divorce lawyer can be one of the most daunting things a person does – we do all we can to make it easy and to see that stress wash away within minutes of meeting us.In our opinion, we tick all the boxes…

When your world is turned upside down

Whatever we say about us, we know that we can’t always take your pain away. Getting divorced or arguing about maintenance is nearly always going to be one of the most difficult things you do in your life, and there is no getting away from that. But we deal with situations like this on a daily basis and that gives us some insight about the human condition. We know that most people don’t know what to expect in their first meeting with a lawyer or they are worried about costs. From our very first meeting with you, we discuss all options with you, including costs and time frames. Whatever option you choose, we provide help and support throughout the process. Not all lawyers are the same and we pride ourselves in the way we work with our clients…