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Welcome to The Law House, Family Lawyers in Finchley

Our team of lawyers are experienced and come from a diverse range of backgrounds, bringing a fresh approach to family law.We deal with a broad range of family law issues, from the simplest divorce (if there is such a thing) to the most complicated disputes relating to children and finances. When you instruct us, you have a right to assume we know our beans. We do know our beans and we do family law exceptionally well. We believe in providing a highly personalised and tailored service and believe that the happiest client is the best client.

“Those who say that money can’t buy you happiness has clearly never paid for a divorce.”
Now that we have your attention….

Why choose The Law House?

There are many good reasons to choose The Law House. Our family law team of lawyers are highly experienced and are able to deal with almost every issue they come across (no one’s perfect but we come close!).Contrary to what you may expect, our lawyers are friendly and they speak in plain English. We are passionate about giving good service and being approachable. We know that most people are worried about costs so we are open with you from day one – we tell you from the beginning how much it is likely to cost and as soon as we know what may be involved, we give you the option of working on a fixed fee arrangement. If this is not enough, we are local.We are based in north London and cover a wide range of locations including Finchley, Barnet, Totteridge and Edgware. We know that finding a divorce lawyer isn’t always easy and finding one that is both local and suitable can be even harder. In our opinion, we tick all the boxes…

When the going gets tough…

Dealing with a relationship breakdown or arguing with your ex partner about the children is never going to be easy. On top of that, you may be making life changing decisions at a time when you are at your most vulnerable. We know this and try to work with you. From our very first meeting with you, we discuss all options with you and our philosophy is that Court proceedings must be the very last option. Whatever option you choose, we provide help and support throughout the process. We don’t shy away from giving you firm and frank advice but we always in your corner.