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Welcome to The Law House, Solicitors in Chiswick

For business people and some individuals, litigation is a necessary evil. People often find themselves involved in disputes which are not of their making but which they cannot avoid. Every person involved in commercial activity has more useful things to spend his money and time on than bringing and defending claims in Court.

We are litigators by choice

The Real World

In the real world, people are unreasonable, incompetent or dishonest. People take liberties and they try to get away with it, often affecting the “innocent bystanders”. When this happens, people have to protect their businesses and their livelihoods and the most effective way to do so is by forceful and thorough legal representation.

What Makes Us Different?

If you ask anyone who has been involved in litigation, one thread will run through all the cases - they needed disputes dealt with as swiftly and as cost-effectively as possible, because each dispute bled valuable funds and resources from the lives. Our approach to disputes is simple and practical – we do whatever it takes within the law to bring the dispute to an end inexpensively and quickly; and if we have to litigate, we do it with the commitment necessary to transfer the balance of risk to the other party.

You should choose a dispute resolution lawyer who takes your dispute as seriously as you do. For expert advice, ring us on 020 3150 2525 or contact us at