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It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and family and friends.


Philip Green

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Like any other law firm we could tell you how wonderful we are, but we think you might take us a little more seriously if we let other people tell you instead.

“Working as a consultant solicitor has many obvious advantages, being in control of your working day, setting your own targets, tailoring your practice to your own strengths, basically control of your working life.

This is not the full story of working with The Law House because it misses the personalities involved. We are eclectic, like to laugh, entrepreneurial, and well supported by excellent IT and administrative support. Although we spend most of our working days on our own in-home offices, when we need help from colleagues, they are always just a phone call or email away. The greatest fear I had when leaving practice in a firm was whether I would feel alone and with The Law House, I know that I am part of a high functioning team.

Just like every other firm we are in a competitive market and providing top quality service to our clients and remaining profitable is a difficult balance to strike. This model of working reduces overheads and allows us to compete in ways that should make traditional firms very concerned. If you are confident in your ability to obtain clients and would like to control your day, join us.”

– Randal Buckley, Family Lawyer

“I thoroughly enjoy being part of a Virtual Law firm as I get the best of both worlds. I have a fantastic administrative team who support me and address all matters relating to bundles, post, billing and much more . But at the same time I get to work remotely, so I have complete independence to utilize my day in the way that it suits me. The firm organize frequent events so you never feel isolated and everyone’s virtual/personal doors are always open to bounce innovative ideas with each other.

Working remotely is beneficial for our clients as urgent deadlines are not as daunting because I am not confined to normal office hours.  Our paperless system of working ensures that you can work from anywhere without being confined to the same four walls and we can offer our client’s flexibility in meeting times and locations. Having this flexibility ensures that each day is different. It’s a win win situation for our clients and I.”

– Hardeep Dhillon, Family Lawyer