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Lawyers, divorce Papers and Hatred – Valentine’s Day for lawyers

By in Family Law Category on February 14th, 2018


Everyone benefits from Valentine’s Day, partners, pets and divorce lawyers. Surely not divorce lawyers? If you are waiting at the door for a Valentine card you might just get one. Over 25 million valentine cards are sent in the UK and 145 million in the US.

What s so special about Valentine’s Day?

Personally, I am not a great fan of Valentine’s Day. It also happens to be my birthday and for those of you who have a birthday on Christmas day you will know just how I feel. It sends my husband into a bit of a panic. I think he believes that any birthday present has to be super special. We don’t go out on Valentine’s Day. I have really had my fill of heart shaped deserts sprinkled with gold flakes or icing sugar. It also costs a small fortune. Instead I have a birthday season which lasts from 1st to 28 February. My husband loves me all the more for it or so he says……

Special days and divorce

However, most people seem to think it is one of the most romantic days of the year. Many people get married on the 14th February now that must really cost a bomb! Be Warned, an Australian study, the first of its kind in the world, a few years back showed that those who married on the “special” day are 18 to 36 percent more likely to end in divorce than if they marry on less noteworthy days.  Of those who do marry on the 14th, 11 percent of those who say “I Do” on Valentine’s Day are, by their fifth anniversary, divorced. This figure rises to 21 percent by the 9th wedding anniversary.

Will I really get divorced if I marry on Valentine’s Day?

The study does go on to say that marrying on any special day, not just Valentine’s Day does not a divorce make in itself. The reasons why a divorce might happen are more to do with the reasons why couples marry in the first place. Phew…

Statistically, couples who marry on special days are more likely to have been married before and have children from previous marriages. Both factors appear to contribute to the likelihood of divorce. Those who married on special dates differed in educational achievement and age. The larger the gap in both areas the greater chance of divorce. So the bottom line is if you grow up in the same area at the same time and go to university choose Valentine’s Day to tie the knot, if that is what you want to do!


On a more serious note, there are many other factors that can increase the chance of getting divorced. To name but a few, over the top lavish weddings and one person earning substantially more than the other. Another common one is and getting married too soon after meeting.

Let me get back to divorce lawyers and why they like Valentine’s Day. Some divorce statistics suggest that divorce filings rise about 40% this time of year. Some law firms have a contest on Valentines Day; the most unhappily married person wins a free divorce! What is clear, however, is that the traditional gifts of flowers, cards and chocolates may be replaced by divorce papers and Solicitor appointments.

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