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To Divorce or Not To Divorce In 2016 by Venisha Shah

By in All Blogs Category on January 5th, 2016

It’s all over, the Christmas debris has been recycled and all unwanted gifts returned or exchanged. Resolutions have been made and broken and re-made. The first bit of quiet time you have had is often your first day back at work. Every year you ask yourself “why on earth do I do it?”, “What was it all about?” and “Was it worth it?” For some it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been a real break.

For many family law firms January does not only see a surge in new diets and gym memberships, but also a sharp increase in the number of people ringing law firms seeking advice about divorce and separation. This is because the pressures of the festive season and the general family dynamics of Christmas force many of us to take stock of our lives, to look at where we are and where we want to be. It is a time for “life auditing” and many of us find that we’re unhappy with the results and that we are ready to make a change. For some it is simply the last straw and can lead to the decision to end a relationship that has been on rocky ground for a while and ultimately filing for divorce. Following the separation you will have decided on the arrangements moving forward, the finances and the amount of contact that you have with your children. For others the New Year is a time of putting your affairs in order whether that is making a will or a Lasting Power of Attorney.

January therefore becomes a time for making decisions which we have put off, talked about endlessly with your close personal friends (perhaps have driven them a little scatty going through the ins and outs of what would happen if….). You might even tell yourself that you are simply too busy and just don’t have enough time to take the initial steps. Alternatively, you can scare yourself to death thinking about the consequences of your actions and put it off another year. What we find is most the difficult thing for people who are contemplating separating or getting a divorce is that they are so caught up with the mental stress and general lack of knowledge about divorce or separation that the prospect of making the decision is overwhelming. Often, taking advice without putting pressure on yourself to make an absolute decision is a good first step. It clears away a lot of the fog and allows you to think a bit more clearly about what your options are. Often the sense of relief in seeking out the advice gives you breathing space.

January brings with it a sense of change, some good some bad and in our experience whether good or bad, making small changes is a lot better than being in the same place this time next year. Yes, it is a time for spring cleaning, starting anew, changing your status on social media and embracing the future with positive frame of mind and not looking back. At The Law House we can’t guarantee you will be a size 10 by March, that you will have attended the very expensive gym three times a week, entered into a new relationship or that it will be an easy year. What we can do is help you to resolve lots of the personal issues which may be preventing you from embracing the New Year. If you are thinking of calling time on a relationship or if you’ve decided to start the New Year with your affairs in order and therefore need a Will drawn up professionally and would like expert advice, please contact me on 020 8899 6620 or email me at