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The Will they/Won’t They Divorce Game by Karen Weiner

By in All Blogs, Family Law Category on August 7th, 2014

I like people watching and when I’m on holiday I have time to indulge myself – by the pool, at restaurants and on the beach. I especially like watching couples and how they interact with each other and their children. I usually make assumptions about the happiness or otherwise of their relationship and whether it is likely to last.  I never know if my assumptions are correct because I will never see them again.

With friends and acquaintances however, I am ashamed to admit that when first meeting them together with their partner I also play the “will they, won’t they” game.  That is – will they/ won’t they divorce or separate. Of course, I never tell them. Well, not until one of them comes to me for advice because they are getting divorced!

People take this to mean that I also know the secret to a happy marriage or relationship. I don’t. Does anyone? However, what I do know is that like anything successful it takes hard work, commitment and compromise on both sides.  If one of you is not committed or not prepared to work at it or to compromise then in all likelihood the marriage or relationship will fail.  The same rule applies to divorce or separation. If you want to keep a separation or divorce amicable and the legal costs down, it’s simple – don’t argue and compromise. Easier said than done sometimes as fighting is easy.  Giving in and compromise are much harder to achieve.

Instructing a competent divorce and family lawyer can also help and getting sensible and pragmatic advice are essential if you want to try and avoid costly and lengthy court battles.

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