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Forget Divorce – Instead, My Holiday Destination by Venisha Shah

By in All Blogs, Family Law Category on August 15th, 2014

Particularly around this time of year I often get asked “where are you going on holiday?”  The truth is that I don’t like the traditional summer holiday.  Lying on a beach would drive me mad!  However, because of dealing with divorce and separation as part of my job, I do need a break to recharge my batteries.

My ideal holiday destination has got to be the very south west tip of Ireland.  My grandparents used to live there when I was younger.  We used to go out to visit them during the long school holidays.  As a child it was a lovely escape from the reality of my parents who were getting a divorce and arguing over residence, custody and contact.

The village was so quiet and everyone knew everyone!  Therefore, it was entirely safe for my brother and I to have the freedom of being allowed to go off and explore on our own or together.  This is a luxury that we did not have at home; south west London was not somewhere we could just head off on adventures by ourselves!

Ireland holds amazing memories for me of sailing, canoeing, bike riding and wild life.  Typically we would cycle down to the village first thing in the morning to the local bakery to get freshly baked bread for breakfast.  Then I spent weekdays at the local sailing school, or weekends would be spent canoeing.  Often I’d have seals swimming alongside or under my canoe.  Generally we would go for a walk or bike ride in the afternoon.  My grandfather knew so much about the local wildlife it was fascinating!  Then in the evenings we’d often be taken to the planetarium.  I’d like to say that I can still remember everything I learnt but the truth is, as a child, as soon as I lay back in the chair and the lights were off I fell fast asleep!

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