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Mother’s Day Post Divorce, A Time To Celebrate by Venisha Shah

By in All Blogs, Family Law Category on March 20th, 2014

If this year you are approaching Mother’s Day with the recent fall out of divorce or separation, well use all of your efforts this year to put aside all your bad thoughts and feelings and let your children show their love for you.

Celebrating Mother’s Day in the past may have been a family affair with your husband being the organiser of your children’s gifts for you, helping them decide on what to get for you using his ability to know what it is you would like and helping them choose and perhaps also paying for them.

Your children will still need and want their Dad’s help so put away your feelings you have now lost for one another for one day, so that your children can show their Mummy how much they appreciate her.

Both of you will always be Mummy and Daddy to your children whether together or apart and you should show your children that although you are no longer a family that live together, your roles will remain the same and act with the put most discretion towards each other when they are present.

Being flexible on these special occasions is also a must, do not take away the importance of sharing these events over that of your own needs. If it is your usual day with your children it is important to be able to change it and be able to accept seeing your children on another day which will be just as special.

Mummy’s’ enjoy this special day celebrate it with your children, forget the break up, the pain you feel, put this away for just one day. You are as important now to your children as you have ever been, so draw strength from their love and feelings for you and remember that life goes on, families go on and so will you and your children.

Divorce solicitors are well placed to offer sound practical advice on how to take care of your childrens emotional needs before and after the divorce or separation. They have seen it many times.

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