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The Law House Top Ten Nightmares for Landlords of Residential Property by Gary Finniss

By in All Blogs, Property Law Category on August 16th, 2016

What follows is based on actual experiences of lawyers at The Law House.

  1. Your managing agents screw up the Section 21 Notice, which means it takes you months longer to get possession.
  1. The local authority housing department team up with the tenant to defeat the possession claim, so as to delay them having to re-house him.
  1. At the possession hearing, you have a judge whose personal politics lead him to look at every comma and full stop to find a way to avoid making a possession order.
  1. You get complaints from the neighbours that your new tenants are having loud sex at all hours of the day and night – and they expect you to do something about it.
  1. Your tenant turns the property into a brothel. You find yourself explaining to your wife that your telephone request for ‘special services’ was necessary to give evidence in Court.
  1. You argue with the tenant about the deposit – so before he leaves, he covers the walls in tomato ketchup and pours cornflakes into the toilet bowl.
  1. The tenant goes out leaving the bathroom taps running. You are served with legal proceedings from the five occupiers below him.
  1. Your letting agents forget to obtain proper references and you end up with a tenant who leaves knives and guns around the place.
  1. That 50-year old boiler that you have been meaning to replace explodes, giving the tenant a massive counterclaim against you.

And the Law House Number One Nightmare for Landlords of Residential Property.

  1. The tenant unlawfully sublets to a family of twelve, who defend the possession action on the basis that their human rights are being breached. In Court, you are accused of everything short of genocide and beating puppies to death. You end up in the European Court, having paid out hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal costs to your shark-like, ambulance-chasing lawyers. The family of twelve have, of course, got Legal Aid.

You lose the case. You sell the property to pay your legal bills. You spend the rest of your days in a caravan off the M6.

You die alone in your caravan, filled with bitterness and regret.

Alright, the last one has not actually happened. If it did happen, however, the landlord would not die alone in a caravan off the M6.

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