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The Fantasy and Reality of Working in a Law Firm! By Jake Cassy

By in All Blogs Category on August 29th, 2017

So you think working in the law is like the drama Suits, or for the more seasoned of readers, LA Law? If so, this piece will certainly clear your kaleidoscope!  A few points before we move on… Being a lawyer is a guaranteed path to financial success? Hmm, ask the gentleman sitting in front of me. True, the profession can be lucrative, but this depends on your credentials and the firm alike. I’ve seen cars bought on the spot, the ones that drive themselves.

A Lawyer can argue their way out of any tight spot? They don’t have a magic wand, but I wouldn’t argue unless you do! Tailored suits and buffed loafers are an accurate assumption; however, there is nothing wrong with an M&S suit for the climbers. Working lunches at an al a carte restaurant? Well, it depends on who you are! Get away with a liquid lunch on a Friday afternoon? Good job sir, but generally speaking, we can leave that to Harvey Spectre and Corbin Bernsen! Oh, and by the way, the manner in which the aforesaid actors address the court – my Principle wouldn’t dare! It’s more like growing up in the 70s; speak when spoken to, keep it clear and concise, no fluff.

Although some of these fantasies are actually a reality depending on your tenancy. One particular city firm offers employees a 55ft swimming pool over looking the capital, followed by a sushi buffet.

So take the American portrayal of the industry and put it in a draw, for now. One last thing, those wigs you’ve seen advocates wearing. The purpose is to hide their identity from potential menaces lurking in the shadows.

Now we are nearly on the same page, read on at your own will…

My experience of working in said industry is relatively limited, comparatively speaking. I began my journey as an intern at the Law House in the summer of 2014. Picture this, walking through the office of a firm in the latter part of the evening. The sound of tapping keyboards as light pours out from each office, no not quite. That’s would be traditional law firm.

The Law House is a forward thinking, dynamic firm. A virtual office. Its paper light, constantly evolving and open minded. The stand out difference at TLH is the inclusive working environment. It’s a welcoming and enjoyable place to be.

Initially located in Chiswick Business Park, managed by Enjoy Work! You could spend your lunch zip lining from either end of the park. I bet you weren’t expecting that. Now situated in the newly developed Kew Bridge area, I’ve truly been spoilt.

Those working in the Law do it expeditiously. The opposite may land you with a telling off that your ancestors can feel. I’ve seen pupils barked at for holding headed paper incorrectly! He really dropped the ball there. Working in Chambers was an insightful and demanding experience, if you enjoy a fast paced environment coupled with high brow banter and intellectual comment.

Never the less, it’s a results game. Delivery is everything and when the boat is rocked, its all hands on deck.  As the profession is about the service, there really is no room for error. Reputation is everything, especially considering the competition.

These lessons are learnt on day one, in any respective frim.

Like any experience, each one is unique. However I think it’s safe to any common misconceptions have been put straight.