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Death Doesn’t Take A Holiday – Make A Will Before You Go by Mark Hill

By in All Blogs Category on July 20th, 2015

There are three films that look at what would happen if death took a holiday, the first one appeared in 1934, the second in 1971 and the one we are most familiar with is Meet Joe Black in 1998.  People simply did not die as death was preoccupied.  Alas, we all know, death does not take a holiday.

With people becoming ever more adventurous on their choice of destination and type of holiday the case for making a Will has never been stronger (not that you shouldn’t have one anyway). The rest of the world has never been more accessible with the rise of the low cost long haul airlines. Destinations such as the far East and South America are a non stop flight away. Also our taste in holidays have changed, gone are the days of sun loungers by the pool, we all want to be doing something now. Whether that be trekking the Machu Picchu trail, mountain biking in the Alps, “coasteering” in Wales or just immersing ourselves in the culture of the destination of our dreams.

But what happens if something goes wrong?

People make a checklist before they go on holiday it usually goes something like this: clothes, check, money and cards, check, tickets, check, passports, check and insurance, check, right let’s go. Stop, you should also make sure your Will is up to date. Nobody goes on holiday to get injured or become ill but we still get insurance just in case.

In our chosen destination Health and Safety might not be quite what we are used to even in relatively similar countries. Take the U.S.A. for example, nobody in this country would consider riding a horse without a helmet, whilst in the USA it is the reverse. Australia is a prime example of where not to go driving or walking without taking the proper equipment. Every year people become lost or stranded in the outback, Mother Nature down under is pretty unforgiving.

If the worst should happen and you die on holiday the consequences can be a paperwork minefield. Making a Will before you go on holiday is not as difficult as you think. If you are in a hurry a Will can be prepared and executed with relative ease in a short time. For the purpose of the holiday it doesn’t have to be the most detailed of Wills but it should cover the basics such as who will be your executors and who gets your estate. The details can be looked at in more detail later.

Our spirit of adventure has been inspired by presenters such as Bear Grylls, Ray Mears and even David Attenborough challenging us to push our boundaries that little bit more and explore far off places and see animals and alien environments things our parents would never have considered but we take as normal.  Going whale watching, on safari or trekking in rain forestswouldnt be so interesting if it wasn’t a little bit dangerous. Travelling without a Will should not be part of the risk?

Just as the majority of us would not think about going on an adventure holiday without the proper insurance in place don’t go without having an up to date Will either. The added bonus being that a properly written Will covers you and your family for more than just one holiday.

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