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Can Smelly Dogs and Dodgy Neighbour’s Lower House Prices? by Luke Corby-Owen

By in All Blogs, Property Law Category on July 19th, 2016

As a proud owner of two cantankerous Shit-Tzu’s, (Beauregard & Darcy) to imagine that my beloved beasties could possibly be responsible for lowering the value of my home is almost insulting.


However, dog lovers must face the sad truth that our pooches, with their delightful habit of diving into things that don’t bear thinking about, can create a pong that will linger. Whilst we quickly adapt and learn to ignore the odd smell fairly swiftly, potential buyers viewing your home will not be so forgiving.


In a demanding market where TV’s Kirsty and Phil have ensured that buyers, especially first-time buyers are very picky, where even the smallest issue, like a slight doggy could turn a buyer away from a house they would have otherwise fallen in love with, or wondering if they use it as a way to negotiate a price reduction.


Aside from regularly hosing down your dogs and using cleaning agents that remove or neutralize odours, you may also wish to remove any sign of your pets whilst hosting viewings.  Perhaps going so far as asking a neighbour or friend to look after them for a bit, or even replacing or renewing an old carpet or mangy seat that the dog has truly taken over.


Dodgy smells are not the only thing that can affect the value of your home, dodgy neighbours can also drastically lower the market price. Known problems areas which have bad reputations for high crime levels, or where the ASBO culture has grown roots can easily reduce a property’s value.


However, disputes with neighbours can be just as big a problem.  Where one in five homeowners encounter serious problems with neighbour and where in a recent study published by SAGA, out of 40% of the participants who experienced these issues, 28% of those polled said legal action was taken. Not only is litigation costly, draining and no matter the result, both sides will likely leave feeling even more embittered, but a survey carried out by Halifax stated that such disputes could devalue your home by up to £31,000.00!


Furthermore, when you come to sell your home, if there have been any disputes, you are required to reveal them, else face the possibility of future legal action for fraud or misrepresentation, when the new buyer discover the hellish neighbour’s.


Whilst it is all to easy to let emotions run riot when your neighbour’s annoying habits ruin your peace and quiet, remember things can easily escalate. So take a deep breath (or a shot of whisky – whatever works for you), try and politely engage with your neighbour, explain how their actions are negatively affecting you and do your very best to resolve the issue amicable, before taking further action by getting the council, police or even solicitors involved.


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