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Breaking up is not so hard to do….

By in All Blogs, Family Law Category on February 13th, 2013

Valentine’s Day is upon us and the pressure for those in a relationship, new or old, to get it right in terms of the perfect romantic gesture can just be the last straw. What women want and receive often falls short of their expectations which are usually more than any man could guess at. For the majority of men the fear of getting it wrong can be too much to bear. This equally applies to women buying for men. Women buy what they would like their man to have.

It begs the question can any man or indeed any woman or partner get it right for the special person in their life? Eilish Adams, one of the solicitors at The Law House also has her birthday on this “special” day and she is very hard to please, not being a fan of flowers or heart shaped food under any circumstances. Her husband states that although he is unlikely to ever forget her birthday the pressure to produce the goods is incredible.

At The Law House we have been inspired. We have been struck by the number of couples who break up worldwide on or around Valentine’s Day. We also spotted an alternative divorce greeting card which says “I hear you are getting divorced, I’m happy if you are but if you are not then I’m there for you”. And who hasn’t heard of a divorce party! Let’s face it – even if you get it right on the day, ultimately no romantic gesture will “fix” an otherwise failing relationship. Not to be too controversial we thought we would do something different for Valentine’s Day so here it is. We would like to think we are original but no prizes for guessing we were not. We found a law firm across the pond offering just such an alternative to Valentine’s Day so why re-invent the wheel? So for one lucky or maybe not so lucky person, we are offering a free divorce to the person with the most compelling relationship breakdown story.

To apply:

We will deal with your divorce (which must be uncontested) free of charge (you only have to pay the Court fees which we can’t control).

An uncontested divorce normally costs in the region of £850 plus VAT. This offer does not include us dealing with matters relating to children or finances.You will need to submit a persuasive heartfelt 250 word summary of why you should be considered. The closing date is midnight on Wednesday the 20th February. We will make the final decision and give this to the person who we feel most deserves to benefit from this offer. As with other offers, our decision is final!

To apply please contact us on 020 8956 2655 or email us All applications are treated in the strictest of confidence.