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5 Golden Rules of a Successful Relationship by Shakeel Mir

By in All Blogs, Family Law Category on July 10th, 2013

When asked to name 5 golden rules of a successful relationship, we will probably have different ideas, as to what should go into the list, but we will probably also all agree on some of the rules.  The following rules, make up my list.

  • Special Events

I think it’s so important that couples remember events such as anniversaries and birthdays. It makes the other person feel that they are remembered and are still special.  A relationship has to be nourished.

  • Compromise

Enjoy the differences about you both, rather than let the differences bother you. Try and compromise about things on which you don’t agree and learn to respect the other person’s point of view. It is the things you have in common that will see you through.

  • Communication

If you don’t like something, say so and say it sooner rather than later. It is best to be honest with your partner, rather than let things that bother you about your partner, fester, until a big argument one day. It might be something basic like he or she leaves their dirty clothes on the bedroom floor. Your partner  might not see what they are doing wrong, until told about them, gently. Try to have reasonable debates about things that irk you, rather than make sarcastic comments about things you don’t like.

  • Time Out

Try to have your separate activities as well. Spending too much time together can finally get to you both.  Be able to occasionally go out with your friends separately, without fear of upsetting your partner. When you have been doing something separately, you’ll enjoy each others company much more. This also boils down to trust and whether you can cope with your partner doing their own thing, without thinking they are up to something.

  • Trust and Honesty

Dishonesty and infidelity are probably the biggest reasons why relationships break down. That doesn’t mean you might not meet someone, one day, who you become attracted to but think very carefully about whether it is worth taking the risk of losing your partner.

At The Law House we recognise that relationships do breakdown, and we are here to help sort out these problems, when you need us. For further information, please contact Shakeel Mir on 020 8956 2655 or at sbedford@thelawhouse.com.